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sf.citi - 2012 | Year in Review

Passing Consensus Business Tax Reform - Proposition E sf.citi has worked tirelessly to represent the tech community and build a broad coalition in support of consensus business tax reform to change our city’s antiquated payroll tax system to a gross receipts formula moving San Francisco forward as a leader in job creation, small business and startup protection and growth, fair business taxes and better city services. We are happy to announce that this policy focus was overwhelming supported by the voters of San Francisco and passed on November 6, 2012 Election day.

San Francisco's Ballot Initiatives sf.citi has also worked in support of a number of the 2012 San Francisco Ballot initiatives from Proposition A through E, and working to defeat Proposition F. The passage of San Francisco's ballot initiatives were part of an overall approach to maintain San Francisco as a world class City by improving our community colleges, revitalizing our parks, providing affordable housing, reforming our antiquated tax structure to support job creation and protecting our region's clean water. Thanks to all of you we moved an agenda that enhances our beloved City.

SFPD Mobile Field Reports Application Funded by $100,000 sf.citi grant, a new application developed by SF-based ArcTouch enables police officers to report remotely from the field in real-time, improving efficiency up to 40% daily for officers. Partners with ArcTouch, Mayor Lee, and HP.

Connecting Community Non-profits with the Tech Industry We at sf.citi pride ourselves on our work to successfully provide opportunities for our technology company membership to engage with San Francisco’s community non-profits.

SMARTmuni Funded by $100,000 sf.citi grant, we launched a new transit application developed by local SF team allowing SFMTA line managers to monitor and communicate in real time department-wide, increasing interdepartmental coordination, positively impacting hundreds of thousands of daily commuters. Contract with SMARTmuni team, partners with Mayor Lee, SFMTA and AT&T.

Job Creation + Education Curriculum 2.0 sf.citi is aggregating valuable employment data to analyze current & future tech sector impacts on local economy, identify qualifications & skills required for new tech jobs, and convene local academic institutions on changing curricula to meet the fast-paced demands of the tech sector, source local, create jobs pipeline.

Future Graduates Summer Tech Internships Funded by a $25,000 sf.citi grant. sf.citi with Mayor Lee and SFPD Chief Suhr inaugurated a new program to enhance high school youth access to real-world job training by placing students at 12 cutting-edge innovative SF-based technology companies in paid summer internships, encouraging graduation and productive pursuits. This program will expand next year. sf.citi members involved: Mayor Lee, SFPD, AFSF, Pathbrite, Giggo, Jawbone, 6waves, Hipmunk, Sincerely, Zozi, Black Founders, Viumbe, blackgirlsCODE, Cloudera, and Zoosk.

SummerQAmp + College Track sf.citi connected College Track, Bay Area-based non-profit that mentors youth in underserved communities through college, with SummerQAmp, a nationwide initiative to train American youth in high-tech skills like QA. Not including our overall work creating 150+ summer jobs for youth in San Francisco that sf.citi was able to secure for Mayor Lee’s Summer Jobs+ Challenge.

Connecting BlackGirlsCODE and Twitter sf.citi was able to secure 25 lap-tops from during Twitter’s new office move to be re-allocated and used to train the next generation of innovators as part of BlackGirlsCODE, a nonprofit academy that empowers young girls of black, Latino, and Native American descent to explore STEM fields through coding.

Connector, Convener, Sponsor and Dialogue Starters sf.citi has co-sponsored and promoted a myriad of discussions, panels and events throughout San Francisco to engage the tech community with the city at large and addressing important current issues, including: Women & Girls Leadership Summit in the Bayview, Women in Tech panel at Zendesk, Sharing Economy panel, Fresh Food Dilemma, CodeSprint Virtual Hackathon, SF Aging & Disability Summit and many more. As well we have been speaking with national and international dignitaries about our organizations model being replicated worldwide.

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