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These ballot initiatives are part of an overall approach to maintain our status as a world class City. It is important that you register to vote, sign up to organize your Facebook friends and then vote the sf.citi slate on November 6th. Improving our community colleges, revitalizing our parks, providing affordable housing, reforming our antiquated tax structure to support job creation and protecting our region's clean water is an agenda that enhances our beloved City. Make sure your voice is heard!

Download the PDF and take it with you to the polls!

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At sf.citi we believe in a #OneCity approach - bringing tech, the community and local government together to make San Francisco a better place to live, work and do business.

Not only are we encouraging tech to give back to the community, we are also encouraging you to register to vote and make your voice heard on issues that are important to you. Register online or you may also print out a blank form to complete by hand.

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