Leveraging the collective power of the tech sector as a force for civic action in San Francisco.

BlackGirlsCODE and Twitter

sf.citi was able to secure 25 lap-tops from during Twitter’s new office move to be re-allocated and used to train the next generation of innovators as part of BlackGirlsCODE, a nonprofit academy that empowers young girls of black, Latino, and Native American descent to explore STEM fields through coding.

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Urban Hack

Join Highground Hackers for Urban Hack 2014, May 3-4th at Geekdom in San Francisco. At Urban Hack 2014, you can lend your skills to a good cause - hacking to encourage mindfulness, violence and crime reduction, and other urban issues. Developers will have access to subject matter experts from non-profits and academia to help guide their projects. Register today!

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